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Encompass is working to make the farmed animal protection movement more effective by fostering racial diversity and inclusivity.


1) Encompass works with professional farmed animal protection organizations to maximize staff impact, recruit more people of color, and more authentically conduct outreach to communities of color.

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2) Encompass empowers advocates of color by cultivating leadership potential and providing a space for individuals to enter and thrive within the movement.

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June 19, 2018

As an animal group that discusses issues related to race, it can sometimes be difficult to know when to wade into the national political conversation. But as the child of immigrant parents, I can’t help but feel a certain type of closeness with these children. As a movement, as people who show compassion to nonhuman animals, we must show this to our fellow humans.

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April 23, 2018

I care about many issues because they often affect me directly, and a huge part of my empathy for animals stems from my own experience being “othered.” La Raza For Liberation’s mission is to educate and empower our communities in a way that is relatable, accessible, and historically accurate. We reject the idea that all Latin Americans are Mexican, look the same, or that all Latin Americans come from the exact same culture and have the exact same needs and experiences. We are a diverse people, and our work should reflect that.

January 31, 2018

At Encompass, our core goal is to build a racially diverse, equitable, and inclusive farmed animal protection movement. However, we recognize that systems of oppression don’t operate independently. We believe that sexism, racism, ableism, and other forms of prejudice deserve introspection, analysis, and a framework for a path forward.

December 26, 2017

I grew up thinking I was white because of a technicality. But after my racial awakening, I claimed boldly and proudly my identity as a woman of color. As an animal advocate, I want to help facilitate a conversation that in the professional movement we have avoided for far too long. Let’s do this together!

December 19, 2017

As one of a few women of color working in the big groups, and one of even fewer women of color working in the high-pressure, white-male-dominated corporate outreach space, I have struggled. In my daily dealings with companies, colleagues, and members of the broader animal rights community, I have had to cope repeatedly with microaggressions and, at times, outright racism. Just as animals should be respected, their advocates should be too.

December 12, 2017

5.1. Limitations of Term Rewriting

In Chapter12 we saw how term rewriting can be used to implement transformations on programs represented by means of terms. Term rewriting involves exhaustively applying rules to subterms until no more rules apply. This requires a strategy for selecting the order in which subterms are rewritten. The innermost strategy introduced in Chapter12 applies rules automatically throughout a term from inner to outer terms, starting with the leaves. The nice thing about term rewriting is that there is no need to define traversals over the syntax tree; the rules express basic transformation steps and the strategy takes care of applying it everywhere. However, the complete normalization approach of rewriting turns out not to be adequate for program transformation, because rewrite systems for programming languages will often be non-terminating and/or non-confluent. In general, it is not desirable to apply all rules at the same time or to apply all rules under all circumstances.

Consider for example, the following extension of prop-dnf-rules with distribution rules to achieve conjunctive normal forms:

This rewrite system is non-terminating because after applying one of the and-over-or distribution rules, the or-over-and distribution rules introduced here can be applied, and vice versa.

There are a number of solutions to this problem. We’ll first discuss a couple of solutions within pure rewriting, and then show how programmable rewriting strategies can overcome the problems of these solutions.

The non-termination of prop-cnf is due to the fact that the and-over-or and or-over-and distribution rules interfere with each other. This can be prevented by refactoring the module structure such that the two sets of rules are not present in the same rewrite system. For example, we could split module prop-dnf-rules into prop-simplify and prop-dnf2 as follows:

Now we can reuse the rules from prop-simplify without the and-over-or distribution rules to create a prop-cnf2 for normalizing to conjunctive normal form:

Although this solves the non-termination problem, it is not an ideal solution. In the first place it is not possible to apply the two transformations in the same program. In the second place, extrapolating the approach to fine-grained selection of rules might require definition of a single rule per module.

Another common solution to this kind of problem is to introduce additional constructors that achieve normalization under a restricted set of rules. That is, the original set of rules p1 -> p2 is transformed into rules of the form f(p_1) -> p_2' , where f is some new constructor symbol and the right-hand side of the rule also contains such new constructors. In this style of programming, constructors such as f are called functions and are distinguished from constructors. Normal forms over such rewrite systems are assumed to be free of these function symbols; otherwise the function would have an incomplete definition.

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Drew Dietsch
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Movies Batman

Batman Forever is not exactly a widely beloved entry in the Batman filmography. After the intensely grim Batman Returns AmoonyFashion Womens Pointed Closed Toe NoHeel Mixed Material Solid PumpsShoes White siPKds
— the studio decided to turn things around and get goofy. Taking inspiration from Andrew Charles By Andy Hilfiger Womens Sandal Beige Nashville qa1HsB
, Batman Forever became a ’90s update of the vibrant and campy take on the Caped Crusader.

While this did lead to many fans not vibing with the shift in tone, Batman Forever has an incredibly important place in superhero history. And that’s its status as the first major superhero film to attempt to discuss homosexuality and bisexuality.

Read Between the Lines

Now, it’s worth noting that Batman Forever isn’t explicitly bringing up gay/bisexual relationships. In 1995, general audiences wouldn’t have been too keen on such overtly queer characters in their superhero movie. However, director Joel Schumacher took the reins after Tim Burton’s departure and Schumacher has been an openly gay artist for the majority of his career. He used hisbig-budget franchise moment to sneak in a lot about gay/bisexual relationships.

So, while this article is going to be a deep dive into how gay Batman Forever is, it’s important to note that all of this is just beneath the surface of what you see in the movie. There are easy heterosexual reads of the film that would ignore all of the movie’s subtext.But, there is plenty to digest and analyze. And you don’t have to dig too deep. So, let’s get started.

It’s clear that Schumacher wanted to explore the gay undertones of the relationship between Batman and Saucony Originals Mens Bullet Classic Sneaker Green/Brown aAaNWdkpK
. Now, this suggestion has often been the butt of a lot of poor-taste jokes. But, it’s important to know that it gained popularity in the 1954 book Seduction of the Innocent by Dr. Fredric Wertham. Wertham’s book was a scathing indictment of comic books and their supposed influence on children. He asserted that the relationship between Batman and Robin was “a wish dream of two homosexuals living together” and that “the Batman type of story may stimulate children to homosexual fantasies.” Of course, this was presented in a negative tone and helped to stigmatize the idea of Batman and Robin as homosexual partners.


Drilling falls into two functional categories containing a total of three drill types:

Both drilling down/in and drilling across lead a user to another report or dashboard tab that is filtered for the subset of data selected in the original report.

Goal: You have a report showing the amounts of closed deals in 2016 broken permonths. When you click an amount, you want to see how this amount is distributed between your sales departments in the USA and EMEA.

Example: When you click the amount of $1,000,000 that was closed in June 2016, you see that$250,000 of these deals were closed in the USA Sales department and $750,000 of these deals were closed in the EMEA Sales department.


Solution: Set up the following drill-in path in the report (see native AP Rover Liteknit Almond Beige/Shell White/Natural Rubber DmZyq1

Solution: When I click on: Show me:

Goal: You have a report showing the total number of hired employees in the Sales, Marketing, and HR departments. When you click a department, you want to see how the number of employees hired for this department is broken down by the department location (the USA and EMEA).

Example: When you click the Marketing department for which the total of 25 employees were hired, you see that 15 employees were hired in the USA and 10 employees were hired in EMEA.

Solution: Set up the following drill-down path in the report (see Drilling Down ):

Goal: You have a headline report showing the total number of visitors in all your restaurants last year. When you click the total number of visitors, you want to see a report showing the 10 most visited restaurants (a top 10 report), with the numbers of visitors for each restaurant separately. When you click a restaurant from the top 10 report, you want to see a dashboard tab with complete information about this restaurant including its annual revenue and the number of employees.

Example: The total number of visitors is 10,000,000. When you click this number, you see the 10 most visited restaurants, including a restaurant called 'Castle', which 120,000 people visited last year. When you click this restaurant in the 10 report, you are redirected to a dashboard tab called 'Restaurant Overview' where the information about the Castle restaurant is displayed, including its annual revenue ($1,400,000) and the number of employees (65).

To show the information about the restaurant that you click in the top 10 report and not the information about the restaurants, the destination tab, , must have an attribute filter for the restaurant name. In this case, you are redirected to the Restaurant Overview tab where the information is filtered for this restaurant only. For more infor, see Filter for Attributes ).

If the attribute filter for the restaurant name is not present on the destination dashboard tab, the dashboard tab will show the information about all the restaurants.

Drill-down and drill-in paths allow users to select a report value to link to a related report that breaks the same metric down by a new attribute, all filtered for the report value that was selected to initiate the drilling.

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